Reliability, Service, Price

Our first approach is to assure you of our integrity and willingness to work with you as we take your energy spend seriously to insure best practice and best available price.

With a plethora of energy brokers to choose from it is easy to see why most get dismissed. The common approach is via telesales promising money saving opportunities.

AMAC have a big reputation to deliver on a multitude of second tier purchases. Building long term relationships is important to us. Our back ground is working for companies that spend a lot of time and expense searching for the right deal. Because we have already sourced those deals we can save time and costs currently incurred.

The first question many companies ask us is how can we get such amazing price busting offers. As an independent Energy Company, we are able to source contract prices not available on the general market due to our high level relationships within the energy market.

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service.  In fact it is embedded in our core values and personality. We are proud that we are able to work to a high standard within all of our commercial functions and we recognise that our clients require quality and substance in these matters. Good long term relationships are what we are interested in and we want to be the first people businesses think of for contact when any form of energy help is required. To emphasise our duty of care and responsibility to insure best service at all times we have set out our own values to work to. 

Through teaming up we will:

  • Listen and Question. To thoroughly understand you and your business objectives
  • Provide dedicated beneficial support to you and/or your team
  • Build our approach to ensure your on-going satisfaction and increased success
  • Provide expert advice and judgement that you can trust
  • Eliminate Jargon and provide you with clear, straightforward explanations
  • Provide information and undertake activity relevant to you, making everything else redundant
  • Be there whenever you need help. Taking personal responsibility when you need us most

We will commit to:

  • Delivery of our promises
  • Keeping you informed
  • Providing you with consistent high standards of service
  • Demonstrating innovation and improvement

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