Group Purchasing Agreements ‘Basket Deals’ enable bulk purchasing of energy where each individual member will benefit from a lower contract price than they would gain individually. Smaller business particularly benefit by being in a group of higher users as it is the volume of the group that is commercially calculated, not on an individual basis. They also benefit from the account being treated as priority by the supplier – where an individual account is one of hundreds of thousands.

By combining the consumption of a number of businesses as a portfolio we can trade this as a single entity and bring the advantages of either fixed or flexible to much smaller organisations.

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Summary of benefits are below:

  • Energy cost reduction that you will not be able to achieve as an individual entity
  • A long term solution with sustainable options
  • You can take advantage of further phases of pricing
  • Our experts purchase energy at the right times in the market providing peace of mind as you will be at reduced risk from spikes in the market that can have a major effect on prices and increased costs
  • Flexible joining before, during and after the term
  • Bespoke metering solutions including smart meter installations for all electric contracts
  • Electronic paperless billing and flexible payment options
  • Opportunity to join a brown or green buying group
  • Bill Validation
  • Energy Management and Efficiency advice
  • Regular buying group updates and news
  • Good forward view for AMAC into demand for continued production and supply chain management
  • AMAC Business Solutions networking with other business within the buying group and generally
  • Discount on other services within the AMAC