What We Do.

Amac Business Solutions

Save money, save time, find additional profit for free!

Finding time in business life to look at none-core spend automatically has a sense of "look at that later". Taking the time out to insure none-core costs are driven down takes time money and patience. It could be the cost of a salary or more!? That is where AMAC can take the time money and expense looking for the savings. Because its what we do all day and with our buying power we can get those savings very quickly. 

AMAC brought their range of support services to my attention and to be honest we had never heard of R&D tax relief and so we were particularly delighted when their specialists identified that we were eligible to make a claim. The whole process was very straightforward and the ‘audit’ was simple with little input from ourselves. We have received a rebate from HMRC within two months of the audit for over £50k for the tax year 2015/2016 and now have the opportunity to seek a further rebate for 2016/2017. We now have Energy savings and mobile savings that quite honestly would have cost too much of my time researching. We would encourage any business to speak to AMAC and to conduct an audit”

James Ovenden

How can we do this? Well simply, we have set up our own specialised industry certified service providers that have negotiated corporate size discounts by using our accumulated spend and by joining them you will also access these 'next level' discount breaks and help sustain this multi customer buying power. We also operate with minimal, internet based overheads allowing us to pass on these discount savings.

Adding your existing spend to our customer network will sustain our leverage and improve your buying power, allowing us to deliver savings and stability in rising markets. We do all the work and monitor the markets for the best deals saving you both time and money.

Our Costs

Well, actually, none to our clients. This is the truth. Let’s be straight right from the start so we have the best relationship from the off.

We get a very small commission rate back from our suppliers to insure our clients have the best price.


How It Works

Depending on which or all our services you require. We have analysts that will work with you to insure best performance and or best price for your requirements.

Again, depending on which service, we will make sure that we offer a contract that is in line with market trends and will negotiate fixed term contracts best suited to you and the future market of that service.

Our Expectations

We are certain we can save money on your none-core second tier spend.

“Well that could be anything!” This company has not been set up with hard sell as its mantra. Our conversion rate without a hard sell is 98%. So hopefully that will give you an indication that we are going to save you more than you would expect and we like to think ourselves as genuine people who want to work with other people and companies we feel we can help.

Who We Are.

We are a small team of professionals with some shared and different service industry backgrounds.

We have all met during our careers and even shared customer supplier relationships too, but one common thread that led us to form AMAC was the shared perception that there was a gap in the business services sector in the delivery of common 'second tier' services to companies.

So we all bring our own set of skills and service industry experience together under the AMAC structure and network together to ensure we deliver the potential savings available when companies are supported with focus and access to terms that only specialist support can deliver.

Ian Miller

A major account sales specialist with extensive knowledge of the reseller and corporate account sectors gained whilst working with a number of major Paper merchanting operations in the UK.

Ian has always focused on developing strong customer relationships built on trust and support which allows him to provide consultancy across a breadth of services whilst able to translate specialist service industry knowledge for end user purposes.

Kevin Bustard

With a wealth of experience in consultancy and procurement at SME and corporate level. Kevin has worked for and with some of the biggest Corporate supplies companies in the UK from account management to senior management level.

AMAC are fortunate to benefit from and utilise his commercial acumen to identify savings for our clients representing their interests implicitly. 

Chris Lofting

An experienced corporate trained Sales Director from the Paper & Consumables industry with experience in working across all the major channels. The experience gained from working with resellers and retailers over the years enables Chris to tailor the service offers here to not only meet the customers individual and associate requirements but also package them in such a way that resellers can easily incorporate the very same services available here within their own portfolios.                             

Adrian Hensby

Twenty five years ago the Office Products industry gained an inovator and free thinker. Starting at his fathers company Adrian gained the knowledge that would serve him well as he went on to run multimillion pound organisations. Following his nose for a good idea he set about to set up AMAC Busines Solutions. This culminated in the recruitment of Ian and Chris which culminated in getting the ideas off the ground and into a market place

Peter Bryant

A Siemens trained Utilities sector specialist with broker services management experience that allows Peter to mix not only sourcing and market trend management but also how services should be best delivered to corporate accounts. Peters objective is to build a Utilities consultancy service that becomes a benchmark within the industry.

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