We are a business solutions provider offering a range of services to companies with an objective to provide focus and specialist support on common areas of existing spend.

We aim to save you money on services and products you are already buying or supplying to your customers.

Our consulting services are free to use, our products and service providers are market leading.

Take a look at our range of services currently available and please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may help you.


Amac Business Gas Service

Because we represent many gas & electric customers, we get rates you won't find elsewhere.

Corporate Apparel & Accessories

With active wear, button-downs, bags and hats, keep your team looking professional from head to toe.

Business Supplies

Amac corporate apparel

From warehouse safety to pens and paper, we're your one-stop shop for workplace needs.


Commercial Insurance

We'll navigate you through the complex world of insurance and keep you protected.

Telecom Services

Take advantage of our group purchasing rates to discount you and your employee's mobile & VOIP phone bills.

Profit & Tax Solutions


Have us take a thorough look at your tax structure to find where you're eligible for breaks.


Get a Free Energy Assessment

We'll walk through your current energy bill and structure to figure out where you can immediately begin saving.



“I needed a supply and services company I could trust to get me the best rates and exceptional customer service. I needed a smaller team with top-notch expertise and connections.”


"I hadn't realized my full income potential in services and supplies brokerage until I found a services company that actually resolved my own supply issues. I liked how they went about the task and it was a simple process to apply and become an agent for AMAC. They gave me the infrastructure to add on services to my existing offer which allowed me to sell more to my existing clients but also attract new ones too. A win-win as they say."